Tumbles and Triumphs

OK … OK … I know… a bit ridiculous posting another vid so soon but I got time as we have visitors at home and I am hiding in the shed!
This has all been seen but it is a COMPILATION of my best and most painful falls, spills, crashes, smashes and unplanned dismounts. Also a few successes and triumphs on the unicycle.
Music by me and my buddies…
Sorry to be an over-zealous-over-poster!
Comment or Not … I had fun on all these falls. Or Bails.

Wow ! Was that an «how-to bail like a pro» video? :wink:

I really enjoyed it! Good job!

Haha!!:smiley: Very funny video!!

I bet you’re a very big supporter of wearing a helmut!!

Haha, “Tire of Fire!” Pearl “Bail-y” would be proud! Way to go Shug-man! :smiley:

Your like the champion of eating crap.

If I fell that hard I would probally cry. :frowning:

i really like your videos:D they are great fun (music, riding, bails:D)!!!

Bails are my main skill!!!

Ahhh. Thanks

Oh Yeah …

Bill Bail-y won’t you please fall downnnnn…
Appreciate that T.

Best crap that I ever ate. I do whimper a bit.

Danka … I am really glad someone gets joy from “Old Man Falling” !!!

haha awesome

Dank U !

i always like your videos, your bails are great

keep it up;)

haha that was good! especially the tree at the start :smiley:

0:40 looked painful

My first “acted” bail

Oh yeah … rung my bell…

That made me smile :slight_smile:

Btw, how long have you been riding?

Glad you are smiling! I have been riding a long time … use the uni in my show for jumping rope on and comedy. Really just got serious about it last fall and got a KH and Nimbus for practice and a terrific workout!!! Great Cardio.