Tuesday after EUC

I rebuilt my unicycle after EUC and rode for about an hour, I love my Mad4One Hub and cranks so much, easily the best components I have!


Music sucked.

Awesome tricks though. The fifths were sick.

On another note, I really dislike this stretching that UTV does. It takes 3 right and 3 left clicks to turn it to no stretching… shouldn’t “stretching is none” be default?
Also I hate the muted thing that comes up when you mute the music.

Very nice man… Big tricks !!!

Best flips, best jokes! :wink:

your unicycle makes me very… uhh well i dont think it would be a family appropriate thing to say on the forums here tehehe

haha nice stuff man, its crazy how you can just whip out videos like that :sunglasses:


Really amazing tricks! The late tricks were nice!

great stuff, your tricks on flat blow my mind…just so easy for you. great video.

Really impressive tricks. BTW, your a master at late tricks.

Sick. Loved the walk-the-dog combos hahaha.

As far as dubstep goes I thought the music was alright.

willy willy =D
awesome vid!! sick tricks :astonished: