tucson arizona unicyclists....

i am going to be visiting the tucson area with my unicycle from dec. 2nd to dec. 16th. are there any unicyclists out there who would be interested in getting together to ride? i’ll only have my 20 in. so will be doing predominately street/trials.

Hey what’s up, I’m in Tucson, and I have a few friends that ride too. Let me know when you want to go riding, I’m free almost all the time, though I do have finals coming up so I might be a little busy. Too bad you’re leaving on the 16th though, cause that’s when Kaori gets into town.

I live on the U of A campus and should have lots of free time now that I’m done with most of the real work for my classes. If you guys find a time to go riding, tell me and I’ll see if I can join you (and bring more unicyclists with me).

Kaori is coming on the 16th? I think that’s the day that everyone gets kicked out of the dorm, so I may leave before that. Bummer!

Oh No!!!
Nobody don’t wanna ride with me??? My school finish on the 15th, so 16th is the best day to visit Tucson…
Too bad!!!


You should come visit Hamilton, teach me and Dumpweed some stuff :smiley:

where is Hamilton??


Right here.

Cold! Brrr! I’d stick with Tucson…

Have you ever been to Tucson before? I’d love to go riding with you sometime if you ever come here, or anyone for that matter!

its not cold here just need to wear 5 layers of clothing lol but by the first hour u will be down to 7 layers of clothing… hmmm that dont work to well damn i was never good at math

haha, I’m sitting here without a shirt on, and with the windows all open.

yup, I’m still driving around in my jeep with no top on, in a t-shirt and shorts.

im in peoria. i know some sweet skate parks we could go to and meet up if you guys want too. but i wont be able to make it to tucson. if you could come over here i have 4 freinds that can ride as well.

That’s cool, if I’m ever in the area, I’ll let you know. There are no skateparks in Tucson that I’m aware of, which really sucks. I know that he pretty much quit, but Zack Baldwin actually lives closer to you than I do, in Dewey. I’ll try to figure out what his current unicycling status is, hopefully he’ll be up for some riding.

the lady from bean trees lived in tucson arizona after she ran away:)

well u can all brag about ur warm weather but the cold shouldnt stop ya if u love the sport… but the snow will stop me once it comes lol well once its nice and thick and hard to ride in then it will stop me lol

Basically where I live, the season to ride is in the winter. The summer becomes extremely hot, which can be worse than the cold.

for me i hate the cold so i dont want to be out there in it… to me cold = bad no one likes to freeze there balls off but then maybe i wouldnt be sacking my self all the time hmm… Kids or no pain well riding??? its a hard one there

yeah, I understand if it gets really cold, but it only gets down to like 45 degrees at night, so it’s perfect temperature in the daytime. In the summer it gets up to 115 degrees. Unless you drink about a gallon of water per hour and don’t mind sweating the same amount, then I guess you would be fine.

lol dont matter how cold or hot it is once i start sweating it feels like its never going to end so i’m use to the sweating part and well i try to have water on me all the time gotta love cameltoes oops mean camel backs my mistake