I’ve started to get some lower back pains when SIF hopping. I have read up on this and realised that the solution to this problem is ‘tucking’. If anybody is experienced in the art of the tuck I would be very grateful for any tips.

my back used to hurt all the time, it was actually because I was running my saddle too low, try putting your seat up a bit and see if that helps!
tucking isn’t something that comes particularly easily to most people, it just takes practise. :slight_smile:

+1 Very true advice there.

Thank you for the advice. The problem I have now is that the pain is so great that I can’t even jump over 20cm. I am worried that over the period of time that i am unicyley inactive I will loose my skill and by the time my back pain has gone I will be unable to jump as high as I could. Should I be worrying.

you probably shouldn’t ride for a few days, until the pain eases a bit, don’t worry about your skill. :slight_smile:
raise that seat!

Definitely raise the seat. You’ll be less crouched over when hopping.

take a break and let it heal fully. if it’s almost healed, and you decide to ride again you’re just going to reinjure it and repeat the process over and over. i’ve done it.

yes do raise the saddle…

your back problem is probably coming from throwing your upper body forward too much during the hop, as i’ve done before too… very improper form. to learn to tuck, start learning to hop static. when you learn the tuck, then you can apply prehops to it.

but when you go to practice hops, don’t just grab your uni and immediately start jumping. ride around for a good 20 minutes, just riding forward, backward, whatever. i usually practice skinny riding for 20 minutes before a hop sesh, and then before i actually start hopping on the uni, i just jump on foot like 10+ times.

do some stretches n stuff if you want. before and after. and when you’re done with your hop sesh, don’t just go sit down. cool down, by walking for 15-20 minutes or so, or a super slow uni ride for the same amount of time.