Tuck the unicycle


My highjumprecord is 65cm and when i watch videos of me highjumping i dont tuck up the unicycle under me a lot.

When i’m trying to do it i just fall off the pedals.

Need help! :slight_smile:

I am by no means a trials rider, but I was having the same problem as you. When I jumped, and I could do about 75cm, I wasn’t tucking at all. Not only did that mean I was losing height but it looked clumbsy and needed tidying up.

Edd Hawkes suggested to me that I concentrate on pulling forwards as well as up. I was also told by other riders, to think about sitting on the wheel. I saw a difference straight away.

I’m still miles away from having a side hop I’m happy with so if anyone else has more tips on tucking I’d love to hear them.


i am having so much trouble i have the power to jump high but now i can jump barely 13 inches which sucks!!!i really need help

yeah, i have days like that too, just practice at your max height till its simple, then add a little height till its a real challenge again. Then repeat.

What I have been doing is starting with something really easy, I started at 36 cm if I remember right, and practice until I get it 3 times in a row. Then increase the height by 2 cm, and get it 3 times in a row again.

Thats a really good idea I’ll have to try it

Whenever I try to tuck in the uni I get scared that I’m gonna slam the seat into my face and bail…dunno how productive it is telling you all that, but hey! :wink:

yeh for me i practiced static hops onto something 10cm lower than my best static hop.Tuck your legs up a bit more each time and get the seat away from the face.The next day i started to tuck on my sidehops with prehops.The next day i got a new record 73cm and then later on that day i got 82cm :D.Your hop will improve like crazy when you learn to tuck

yeah that’s exactly what happened to me. when i started to learn static, it like revolutionized my tucking…

basically, you have to learn static.

what is static?

It means to hop without a prehop, from a stillstand.