tuck and roll instructions please

^^^^^^^ Ive started to learn to glide and Ive got this big hill and if im going to be going down in fast I need to know the tuck and roll procedure so any instructions would be welcome thx in advance

On a side note has anyone ever landed a trick in glide/coast?

i think, typically you try to hit first with a foot or two, then probably use your knee lightly to transition onto the hip and you can continue up the shoulder , by then you will probably be stopped :slight_smile: just imagine tossing yourself over onto the ground and trying to roll out the inertia without getting scraped too bad, or better yet, go try it on some carpet. essential skill once you get the hang of it, i learned this automatically out of neccessity from skateboarding :slight_smile:

You’re basically doing a somersalt - the difference being you’re not doing from stand-still, but while moving (with various degrees of control).

Just last Thursday I had to “tuck and roll” out of a crash. The day after, I only had a small sore spot on the back of my shoulder where I initially touched down. Other than that, not a scratch. I would have probably mangled my arms, knees and possibly my chest had I not done that forward roll.

The unfortunate part is that usually when a situation happens that you need to do one, you have no time to think about it. So if you’re not prone to doing them anyway (they just come naturally to me), you’re going to have to practice to get it down and get the motions to be second nature.

There’s a description here, and some short videos.

And just for extra effect I’ll say it again. Practice. First slowly without the uni, then faster and with the uni. Practice rolling over your the shoulder on your non-dominant side too.

It’s fun once you get good at it.

The easiest way I found to think of it was to go with the fall, dont fight it so much, fall with it and avoind hitting important parts such as your face :wink:

Edit: Ohh you also asked if anyone landed it, Ive coasted for several miles before and have coasted much faster than I can run…So the uck and roll method works…

tuck and roll

if you want to learn to do it properly i would suggest looking at a parkour (freerunning) forum for a tutorial.

www.urbanfreeflow.com is a good site to look at.

Can you get a gym teacher to help you with the technique? Don’t they teach basic gymnastics, which would include some form of tumbling? Or they could at least spot you as you practice on a padded mat. How about approaching a gymnastics school for help?

I’ve never done this and I know I would do it badly without instruction. Isn’t it possible to land on your head or snap your neck? If so, then the road rash alternative isn’t looking so bad.

The point is to land on the back of a shoulder and do a forward roll. Even if you land “head first”, you want to keep the momentum, so landing “on your neck” would be hard.

To land “on your neck” I would expect that you’d have to be falling more “down” than “horizontally” if you understanding what I’m getting at.

While “anything is possible”, I would assume that breaking your neck from this is less likely than having an uncontrolled UPD that results in you smashing your head into a car, tree or other very hard structure and breaking your neck that way.

I’ve used forward rolls in a number of situations (mostly non-unicycle-related) that would have resulted in serious pain and injury that turned out to leave a single bruise or no harm at all. It’s a very viable and very useful technique to slow your momentum and regain control if you’re agile enough to pull it off.

But as stressed - it’s important to practice if they are not your body’s natural reaction.

tuck your dominant arm down and let your head follow it, roll smoothly. I guess you could practice by jogging on grass and diving as far as you can into a roll?

Judo lessons is another thing that’d teach you how to improve your tuck’n’roll technique. Generally I’ve only ever needed it when bailing from height, gliding/coasting UPDs usually result in you running away from it or falling on your arse.

I dont remember if this got mentioned, cause i skimmed through the posts, but what helps me, is to not roll completly straight, but to roll off my shoulder, justs feels better, smoother, and i get hurt less while doing it that way =p

Ive only had to do a roll once when I was on my uni but ive done it many times skateboarding. practice it on grass or on the carpet. it is a very usefull skill


Nobody has EVER used that word to describe me.

I do want to learn this some day, but being overweight and out of shape (and klutzy), I can see myself tearing or straining something in the process. And I assume its best to be relaxed while you do it? That ain’t gonna happen either. I’ll wait until I’m in better shape. And then find a soft mat. And somebody to demonstrate it and help me (yes, I’m that klutzy).

That ninja roll tutorial on there looks really good and just like I was told.

I learnt to do that roll for fire staff (you can do them whilst holding one in your first hand down). I’m not sure I can do them on purpose but I do sometimes do them accidentally when I crash on the uni.

I’ve seen someone do a set of forwards rolls off the unicycle in a crash. That looked cool, but I think they had gymnastics training.

However, whilst I can roll in a clever way, usually I just fall to the side and roll over and over, that saves you having to do any kind of clever roll. If you’re using a camelbak, you can roll onto that, and it cushions you a bit.