I converted my torker dx 24in to tubless about 2 years ago, I ride rocky, wet, rooted trails and street. If you are thinking about running tubless in my opinion is go for it. I ran between 30 and 40 psi of air in my tire before tubless and after i converted it i ran between 20 and 30 psi and it rolls alot faster.

After doing a small amount of research on this I came across a video that says the opposite. So my question is before when you had the tubed tire what kind of tube did you have in it? If you where running the stock tube I think I ran mine closer to 25 or 30 psi. Then I changed to an intense dx 24x3 with matching down hill tube and I run this one at 16 psi. The problem I had with the stock tire is at low pressure it was like riding on a ball and would bounce of like then I’d run high pressure and it would kick the uni out from under me when trying to clear rocks. The other thing is how much to you weigh?


yes… i imagine having tubs in your tyres would create a lot of rolling hassles…

Maybe you mean tubeless? :wink:

I had my Coker tubeless for a while… it was a super pain to seat though. it took me, two others, an air compressor, 3 clown balloons (to spread the bead against the rim) and a removable presta valve core to get that sucker on there.

Now I just use a 29" inner tube for weight savings. I’ve never really incurred a puncture, and the tube doesn’t weigh much more than the sealant i’d be running it it if it was set up tubeless.