does anyone know where i can get a 19" tube


i may be wrong but isn’t it pretty much the same (if not, exactly) as a 20"

Just use a 20" tube, there isn’t such a thing as a 19" tube.

Darren Bedford sells a 20x3.0 tube, otherwise just use any regular bike tube you can find. The wider the better (20x2.25 if you can’t find one larger). I’ve heard of some trials riders using lawn tractor tubes as well?

Aren’t those a bit over-thick?

not if they’re less than 2.5 or 3 inches across. especially for guys like me that fold like crazy. but i’m 6’4 and 190lbs or so. which makes the forces i put on such a small tire really sideways.

There is supposedly a scooter or moped tube size that is suitable. That may be what you’re thinking about. I haven’t looked in to figuring out what moped tire size it is or where to get one. I’m too lazy. A good quality 20" BMX tube that is as as wide as you can find will work well enough so I’ve never bothered with the moped or scooter tube thing.

i think the moped size you need is 16 inch. they use a significantly different measure than we do.