tubes for trials?

what size tubes do you guys use for trials? cuz right now im using the one that came stock with my bedford and its running on a patch job. so im gonna need some new tubes.


i’m running a tube from bedford. if you lbs has a good stock of bmx tubes a really fat one of those will work. i’m tall and heavy though so i put tons of pressure on my tire when i side hop. smaller/lighter guys can usually get away with thinner/smaller tubes.

I am also using a bedford tude…

I’m using a Continental tube. And it’s so far holding up just fine. Had one blow on me when I did an iincomplete 180 down a set of stairs though, but that was my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

The Continental Tube is one of the thickest and I think the best. They are made for mopeds.:smiley: