I recently went tubeless on a 27.5x42mm Dominator 2 rim and 27.5 x 3.0 Schwalbe Nobby Nic. I run it at 24 psi and love the feel but I just rode 5 miles of downhill and the tire burped 5 times. It didn’t actually lose a noticeable amount of pressure but I’m concerned that I’ll eventually get a flat. Does anyone else run a tubeless set-up and what are your experiences with it?


I run a Duro Crux (29 x 3.25) on a Mavic EN827 rim. I run it down at 15psi with no issues so for.


I experimented with tubeless a few years ago on a 29" Dominator 42mm rim and Stans sealant. Can’t recall the tire at the moment but it blew out landing a 8-inch drop (not very high) onto an off-camber surface. The tire didn’t rupture, it just folded off the rim.

I suspect that most tire sidewalls are not sufficiently strong enough for muni with all the weight on one tire. They’re designed for bikes where the weight is more distributed.

Anyway, that blowout ended my tubeless experiment.

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I run almost the same tire tubeless: Nobby Nic 27,5 x 2.8, Apex (reinfored sidewalls) with 1,1 bar on a Dartmoore revolt rim (Mtb DH rim). I do not have any burping , as I use the Schwable Procore system.

What kind of tubeless conversion did you try? I’m using the “cutted” small inner tube instead of the strip and it is going flawless since 2 months, but I ride pavements nor any drop or trick. Veetire Speedster tire, 26" twofour disc rim with cutouts, rim strip, 20" inner half tube, sealant applied with care also on the lower part of sidewalls

I think the Dominator 2 may not be the best rim for running tubeless. I’ve used a Velocity Blunt 35mm for a few years on a 29" and 26", both with Schwalbe Hans Dampf and have never gotten a flat. Yes, there can be some burping on off-camber lands. It adds another factor to consider for me when planning my lines. Whereas with my 26" Hatchet and big tire, I can land off camber and not think about it.

Magic Mary on Blunt 35, Floater on Rolling Daryl, no probs.

I run tubeless on my 27.5+ QU-AX, which comes with a tubeless ready rim, and a 3.0 WTB Bridger tire, also tubeless ready, but I had to add a split tube liner to make it work. Without the liner I got a lot of burps.

I couldn’t get my 26" Nimbus with the Dominator 2 rim to work, even with a split tube liner. Burps galore. That one was using a 2.8 WTB Ranger tire.

Update: I ran a tubeless 27.5 on a Dom2 rim and after 3 rides and endless burping I went back to riding with tubes. Anything over a 6" drop would normally cause burping. No way was I confident to do a 2ft drop. I must say it did ride really well but the burping was just to consistent.

Which method did you use for the tubeless conversion?

Agreed, burping is shit. And running tubeless with a higher pressure than needed to avoid burping also makes no sense.
If you like the smooth, low resistance feel of tubeless and the excellent damping with low pressure, this is an option as mentioned before:

I am happliy running it since 2 years on the Muni. I do controll both pressures before I make a longer tour, but I do not even take a pump anymore in my backpack.

Pros: Bombproof against burping, prevents damage on rim on hard hits, easy setup as the inner “tire” seals the tire against loosing air.

Cons: Similar weight as a tube setup (no saving). Price (only once, you can reuse). You have to check 2 pressures (like on a bike :D)

Set my G29er up tubeless today - the guys who make my rim said they were tested tubeless with Schwalbe tyres, which are usually my preference anyway, so I decided to give it a go. Got a Schwalbe Mondial 29x2" tyre, only used for a couple hundred miles and still looking new, wrestled it onto my taped-and-valved rim (Very hard with a shallow carbon rim…) and hit it with the track pump. Instant seal after 2-3 pushes, and those telltale pop sounds after a few more!

I left it for 30 or so minutes and went back to it, and was pleasantly surprised to find it still holding air. I hadn’t even added sealant at this point. So I let the air out the valve, and found the tyre was still sat in the bead perfectly even once the valve stopped hissing.

Added sealant (Caffelatex, it was on offer at the shop), wrestled the tyre on again and it all sealed up nicely again with the track pump, didn’t even get any leakages from the bead. I’ve done the customary shakin’ it about and leaving it on each side and all that fun stuff, so I’ll leave it overnight and see if it’s still up, but I’m for once hopeful.

I don’t really ride muni, so I’ll hopefully not have any burping problems. I do usually run high (50-60psi) pressure but I’ve left this one at about 40 and it feels nice.

Suppose the moral of the story is, a rim/tyre that fit perfectly, will setup perfectly first time, unlike my 36er failure a few years ago!