Tubeless trials?

I was wondering if anyone has had any success at converting a 20" trials set-up into a tubeless set-up?
If so, what tire/rim/rim strip set did you use? Anything else?

If not, any insight into this topic would be useful.
-Ryan Atkins

I don’t think it would be worth it. Even though you save weight and eliminate pinch flats the tire would probably have less lateral stability (folding over) and less bounce. These are all just geusses though

Can you say fold over?

For those of us that don’t know the physics of a tire, what would be the issue?

if you put enough air in it, fold over won’t be a problem…and great trials riders like Ryan ride on relatively high PSI anyway. so I don’t think it’d be bad.

I dont think it would be worth the trouble…

I don’t think fold-over would be much of an issue. Just pump up the tire some more. HIgher pressuresmake the uni more stable and help tokeep the rim from bottoming out.

Someone on this forum (dirtsurfer?) made a tubeless muni with a try-all rim. That said, I think the same could be done with a 19". I think you can use the standard try-all rimstrip (and some adhesive of some sort…), but I’m not sure.

ahahahahaha dude, do u know who u r talking too!!

its Ryan Atkins, king of the trials lol, i think he has enuff knowledge about tyre foldage from his riding!!

neway i dont reckon it would fold if u put enuff air into the tyre, its really about the thickness of the sidewalls of the tyre

Do you know who u r talking to?
Its DK, he´s like the biggest pimp on RSU!

It’s a really interesting idea!

How much weight would it be saving?
And most of all, how would it feel riding it? :wink:

Thanks for the input, yeah those were all things i’d thought of. i think it will improve the feel of the tire, and keep the weight relatively the same (with all the stans no-tubes stuff i’ll use)
anyways, i’ll tell you all how it goes


how’d it go?

a great trials rider like ryan would annhilate a tire at way higher psi than an average rider. the pressures involved with jumping farther are way higher, it most definitely would fold over a lot more. for an average rider, it would be reasonable, but for a better rider, not so much

but why you want to do that ?


Here is a typical Ryan situation:

I have personally fixed flats for Ryan twice (including after this gap), and I’ve only ridden with the guy a handful of times. I think he’s very likely to be better off with a tubeless setup with higher PSI; fold-over is a function of tire sidewall stiffness combined with PSI.

tubeless in a 20in trials unicycle=worst idea ever

I agree

fold over is not the problem. the tire separating from the rim and “burping” is

Everyone is saying how bad it is, but how many of you have actually tried it?

Im curious now.