Tubeless PSI

I’m pretty sure the blunt has the same erd as the dyad. You could use the same spokes and get 10mm’s of width.

If it’s a pinch flat you should see two holes like a snakebite. I haven’t had much luck with sealant inside tubes. I read a while back that it doesn’t work as well in a tube as it does in a tubeless tire because of the support the tire gets from the casing which a tube doesn’t have. Anyway, in my experience it only seems to work for slow pinhole leaks.

Good luck. If I was closer I’d offer to build your wheel for you. I know you are good for building your own, but it’s been frustrating getting to this point, and even a little help can make it seem better.

I can build the wheel, it’s just a PITA to do it again :D. It’s lucky I brought it home with me, since I was about to just toss if off the mountain side and forget it ever happened :roll_eyes: .

The hole in the tube was a bit strange too. It wasn’t a regular puncture hole, but more like a very small slit. Now that I’ve seen the hole, it definitely wasn’t snake bit.

Tyres Won’t fit frame!?
Soon as I’m home I will measure the width of my Hans on the mavic so you can confirm it will not fit. I’d be surprised it won’t … 3" tyres on kh freeride rims fit the kh frames
My mavic is 23mm or 25mm I need to check and the Schwalbe doesn’t look overly wide fitted. Standby for widths

My frames a bit different than the regular KH and Nimbus Muni frames :D. I think I can fit the HD though.

Jtrops, ERD on the Blunt is 596 vs. 597 on the Dyad. I think I already know the answer, but is that enough to make a difference?

It shouldn’t be, besides it is within the margin of error for published erd’s. I would guess that if you measured your Dyad it might actually be 596. Peter White has the Dyad at 596.

Okay. So one other question.

In theory, I could put the Ignitor back on the Blunt and the 10mm extra width would alleviate my burping issue. But last year I had the regular Hans Dampf on a Dominator 2 rim, and had major burping issues. I’m just wondering if I go straight into running the Ignitor again, I’d run into the same problem, and maybe need to look at a different tire as well (like the Enduro HD, if it’d fit).

I’ve got 4 rides on this Muni, and have got flats on 3 of those rides. I just don’t want to be walking back anymore :o.

this mavic rim is 35mm wide sorry and the Hans enduro sits out around 62mm wide

i still have 11mm clearence in a KH frame

does this help any??
Worse can looks like you may need to do a rim swap… If i were close by id be only to happy to help

Meh, it’s all good. I don’t know for sure what I’m going to do yet. I think I’m gonna just set this one on the back burner for a bit and mull it over.

The info does help though, thanks!

Which tube size did you use to make it?

Which stupid question of me … cause you have a 26er.

So which tube size schould i take to make a rimstrip for the 24x3 Duro?

I used 20 on my 26er, so Id think 16 or 18 for a 24.