Tubeless Nightrider Got Run Over... Still holds air!

Well, my mom backed up over the rim and tire of my tubeless Nightrider today, and guess what, it still holds air! A bit of sealant leaked out, but not too much. If anything, it took some extra weight off :stuck_out_tongue: . However, the car did manage to take my rim out of true… Looks like I need to figure out how to true a 36" wheel.

I think this says something about the durability of the tubeless setup…

Haha, be honest.

You meant to have her run over the tire so that you could show off the durability of your sweet tubeless set-up.

Hey, if I meant it to happen I wouldn’t have had her take the rim out of true :stuck_out_tongue: .

Are 36" wheels really difficult to true compared to smaller, wimpier sizes?

Hey Eric,
If you are going tubeless, do you really need that tube you won at RTL?
I wouldn’t mind an extra. :wink: