Tubeless KH24 MUni, drilled rim

I’ve been running a tubeless setup in my KH24 the last couple of weeks - love it so far!

Clear rim tape was used, one funky thing being you can see the Stans goop slosh around inside the tire as you ride. Also the tubeless Duro makes a funky hollow hum when you motor along :slight_smile:

Additional pic and video at:

Your Guni is awsome! How much weight did you save and what presure is the lowest you have run it? Thanks.

heya Sam, not sure of the exact weight saving. The 24" tube is about 425 grams, so it would be that less the weight of the valve, rim tape (close to nothing) and Stans liquid. Pressure-wise, 40, 35 and 30 so far.

It depends on how much Stans liquid you take.

The valve is about 10g, the rimstrib weighs the same as the one you need for a tire with tube: 2-3 layers tesafilm. Stans suggests ~120ml, i took ~150ml bacause of the huge volume of the duro tire.

So it saves something between 250 and 300g.

I tried 25 psi and i think ist works well. But I´m still a beginner.

That is a super cool tubeless conversion with that clear rim tape. The drilled rims had me wondering how well tubeless would work, but looks like it works great.

I run my 29er tubeless but with the ‘ghetto’ tubeless method of a cut open inner tube to form the rim strip. Could you explain a little more your method please, such as sealing around the valve area and the valve and tape used.