Tubeless Coker...

After reading TM’s post about this subject, I gave Stan a call. Seems he had a strip ready for someone who didn’t get back to him (thanks Tony) and got it right out to me. I am using an Airfoil rim with GB wide hub. The only two problems I had were with the size of the hole for the stock Coker tube and the center section of the rim. I did have to bend a washer to cover the oversized hole on the outside of the rim, the nut for the schrader was a bit small (see picture). As for the rim, I had to use some high density foam tape to level the center of the rim. Without it, it was futile to try to inflate, the rim just sat in the center and leaked air. You thought getting a Coker tire on an Airfoil rim was hard, try it without the center divit. I would not recommend trying this without a compressor, the floor pump was useless. After shaking the heck out of it to get the leaks to stop, I checked it ever few hours to see if it was still holding. Overnight, it did not seem to lose any air (checked by hand, don’t have a gauge). It’ll have to wait for a ride, finished late and working in the morning, also 11 degrees (F) doesn’t apeal to me. I’ve been told this is a messy process, mine wasn’t. I put three “scoops” in mine via an old ketchup bottle through the schrader valve minus the core. Also, that Stan adds windshield solvent for anti-freezing properties, we’ll see after work. After I took out the tube, it went to work for weighing (524 grams). I’ll have to do the same for the strip and fluid when I get a chance. If it works, I plan to do it to my 26".


Nice work, Dirt. Of course, the real test is riding, and for a Coker, a pretty long ride. You may find that your configuration works in the summer only, since the rubber will be quite different at 11 degrees F and at 75+ degrees F.

That is cool. If the NoTubes system is going to work on a unicycle, the Coker wheel with the Airfoil rim is the best test bed for it. The Coker tire fits very snugly on the Airfoil rim and the tire seems to say in place once it gets seated. I suspect that the NoTubes setup should work well with the Airfoil rim and Coker tire.

Let us all know how it works out once you get a chance to ride it.

Yahooo! Someone was brave enough to be the guinea pig! Thanks a lot Dirtsurfer!:slight_smile:

I’m really interested to know how the Tubeless system works out for you. Keep us posted!


First short ride impression…

I agree with Dave that a short ride is not a good judge of any product. But, after my Muni ride this morning I had to take out the 36er out for a short ride. I still haven’t had to add air to it after the 36 hour mark. With my pump hooked up to it, the gauge read 38 pounds from originally 40, I have to assume that about two pounds were lost hooking it up. With the tube, I ran 32 pounds. From what I understand about tubeless, pressure is crucial to ride quality. My first freemount (roll back) sent me over the front, a little too much power on the pedals. I noticed the wheel didn’t feel as heavy with the tube MIA. My second try, I went back and idled for several seconds longer than usual and started going forward. After doing a few start/stops, I can notice the lack of momentum from with a tube. Full stops took less ground covered. I didn’t have any bumpy sections of road to test the suppleness of the tire so I decided to hit some frozen grass in my front yard. First try felt very smooth like the tire was under inflated. The second, sent my to my feet, was a bit rougher than I thought. If the weather holds out (predicted snow for tomorrow), I plan to do one of my usual long road rides.

Seems you have found a great set-up DirtSurfer, that interests many on this board.
If the weather does not cooperate, feel free to pack up that Modified Coker and ship her to me in Tennessee. Our weather is much milder and I will be more than willing to test ride her here in the South.
As a courtesy to the Group, I will write up a detailed report, complete with outside temp of each ride plus the tire pressure before and after each ride. Normally I would charge top dollar for this $ervice, but I will waive my normal fee in this case. Of course, you will have to pay for the shipping charges.
Early, mid, or late Spring, I will ship her back home with a full report reguarding my analysis of the tubeless performance.
I am here to serve the Uni-community, :D–chirokid–:smiley:
PS: If your dumb enough, whoops, I mean, uh, ummm, uh, If you want to take me up on this fantastic offer, private message me for the shipping info.

I’d be glad to send you my Coker, haven’t used it in awhile (was retired). I offered it to a buddy, but I think he fears the power. I should of clarified that I’m using a freshly repainted Hunter (third of three of Borq standards). Luckily, I got a hold of some of that paint that changes color. Was looking at it before the first paint job, but was deemed to expensive for me (one quart would of cost more than the frame). I put some of those huge metal flakes in the clear, I like how they turn black when light hits it. Some snow came down last night, but I’m going to wait till the afternoon when the temp climbs closer to just below freezing.


Passing thought

Finally, the temp went above freezing and melted most of the snow cover and ice off the sidewalks. Went for a longer ride after work, at night. I found it easier to take off from holding on to a stop light, hard stops (when traffic decides to block your path), and hard cornering around those cars. It is much easier to kick around. I did slow down a bit, had this same effect when I went to the lighter Airfoil rim. Just going to take time to get used to it. The ride is smoother than with a tube, but it felt better when I upped the pressure from 32 (with tube) to 40 (without). Is it worth it? I think so. I don’t think I’d use it for drops or stairs. When I drain all the air out of it, tube or Notube, my beads sink to the middle. I’d be affraid to lose the air, a floor pump is useless to bead the Notube tire. I will keep a journal of what I did or needed to do over the winter and post it midway through next season. This is the best way to judge longevity. 6 more days till the days start getting longer.