Tube troubles.

I have recently popped my tube in a 24x3 DH tube. It broke at the point where the valve stem meets the tube. I figured I may have been riding with too little air pressure, on a surface that had good traction, and the tire/tube slipped inside the rim.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? If so, any suggestion?

higher pressure would help. also get a new tube with a ring like a presta tube. i know osme DH tubes have that the specifically prevent what happened to yours.

It’s happened twice to me, once with a very new tube. Never happened since though. It’s the only problem I’ve ever had with tubes.


Thanks. I’ll try the presta valve.

Well, one of my tube/valve problems was on the 29er and the tube had a presta valve.


It sounds like the valve stem wasn’t centered and so the rim ended up cutting it off. Next time take off the tire and reposition the tube if it isn’t centered.

That’s what I’ll do next time. It sucks to be out in the woods, and have your tire deflate on ya.