Tube suggestions for 700c x 2.35 Big Apple

Hey all -

What brands of tubes are available for inside the balloony 700c x 2.35 Big Apple? Where might I get one (or two) online?

I tried a 700c x 35-43, which looked too skinny. It pumps up and fills the space, but near the valve stem there’s a noticable constriction or indent in tube and tire, like that part of the tube has a smaller diameter or something.

So I want only 700c x 50c or so. Also, the KH29 has a hole for a schrader valve, so that’s my preference, though I could use a hole adapter for presta valve.

Not sure where you can get them, but schwalbe do a 28 x 2.00 & 28 x 2.35 tube in both a presta & schraeder valve


you can order them here

Continental and IRC both make tubes this size. has them (listed as 29er inner tubes).

If you use thinner tubes like you’ve got they have a tendency to rip at the valve where the narrower bit is. Mine took about 10 mins of riding before doing that.


schwalbe tubes are very hard to get in the UK and even harder if you want Schrader.
We stock both Continental Schrader ones which are marked upto 28x2.5 (622-47/62) and IRC one which is Presta and marked 29x2.125 (52c)

We keep them both in stock.


Which of the 29er tubes is the biggest and the thickest? I’ve been thinking of trying a 29er tube in my Coker and I’d like to go with a 29er tube that is the fattest and has the thickest rubber. A Schrader valve would be keen too.

I used a Quality Bike Parts inner tube in my Coker. These are thicker than the WTB 29" inners. They have a presta valve, though.

I recall reading somewhere that Bontrager make a 29" inner with a schraeder valve. You could try asking on the MTBR 29" bikes forum


Thanks all.

My LBS had some Bontrager 700c X 1.75-2.35, but with presta. So I bought the better of two type of adapters for schrader-to-presta conversion - the one that slides in from the inside of the tube.

My KH29 is on the road again with that smooth Big Apple.