Tube Size vs. Tire Size

I just put a 24 x 3 Gazz tire on my Torker DX. I used the orginal stock tube that is 24 x 2.125 – much smaller than my new tire. I have only played around a little in my driveway so far and like the air pressure at about 16 psi which is the bottom of range (15 to 25 psi) suggested on the sidewall.

Since I’m using a smaller tube, do I need to use higher pressure to take up extra space inside the bigger tire? Do I have an increased risk of the tire coming off the rim if I go out on the trails?

BTW – for those who have asked in prior threads about the clearance and received mixed answers – I bought my DX about 4 or 5 months ago and there is 1/8 in clearance on each side of the Gazz and about 1/4 in clearance at the top. As currently mounted, the tire measures 25 7/8 in diameter.

I would appreciate any help you can offer.


Chances are you shouldn’t have a problem using the smaller tube in the Gazz. When I was still racing motorcycles offroad, we would use a 4.50 tube in a 5.10 tire at around 12 psi. without any problems. I’ve also used 1.5 tubes with 2.3 tires on my mtb. The Gazz has a pretty beefy sidewall and should hold up well at 16 psi.
I run only 18 psi in my Gazz and weigh about 185 :slight_smile:

if you do sidehops, either flat, or especially inclined, your tire will most likely fold over because the rim is a lot skinnier than it should be for that tire width

I used a 24 x 1.5-1.75" tube in my 3" Gazz for about a year no worries. Over that time there wasn’t a single flat. Maybe I’ve just ahd bad luck with the 3" tubes, but in my experience the tube size has made no difference. A smaller tube is cheaper and lighter.


Are you using the stock rim too? Because if you are thats crazy you got it to fit. Maybe I see a creepy crawler in the future of my 20" DX

And if not where did you find a wide 48 spoke rim?

Are you going to put a creepy crawler on your torker 20" will it fit? and you will need a 19" rim.

The Gazz will work O.K. on the narrower rim. It is better to run a wider rim, but I had a 3.0 Arrow tire on a narrow rim on my “loaner” Muni and never had any problems with it folding;)

As for the rim – Yes, I am using the rim that came with the DX. The sidewall of the Gazz says the minimum rim width is 28mm. I think this DX rim is exactly the minimum 28 mm, if I measure the outside of the rim. I don’t know if this measurement is supposed to be the inside width or the outside width of the rim.

As for the 20 in Torker –

I looked at the Creepy Crawler, but the 20 in is only 2 in wide. Which is not as wide as the 19 x 2.5 Creepy Crawler. So, I didn’t think it would be as good. Agree or Disagree?

I can’t really find a good wide tire alternative for my Torker 20. Since I’m not really interested in doing trials, but want to use my 20 to learn new skills, I would rather upgrade the Torker 20 tire than buy a real trials uni.

I have been looking through the books at my LBS and found a tire named “Flame” that comes in a 20 x 3 size. It’s not the Kenda Flame. I think it was called Pyramid, but I’m not sure. The LBS is going to try to order it tomorrow. If anyone is interested, I’ll let you know what they say.