Tube rotated inside tire?

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed on my new Muni that it consistently pulls to one side. It appears to be caused by the tube being twisted inside the tire. The valve stem is at a slightly off angle, so I think the tube is rotated, which is causing the tire to be not quite centered.

How do I correct this? I tried deflating the tire (3.0 Gaz), but even with it nearly completely deflated, I couldn’t get in there to move the tube around. I also bent a (plastic) tire lever trying to get the bead over the rim. I also tried the super-inflation method, but I don’t think that will work unless I can get some talc in there to loosen the tube up.

Ideas? Do I need to go acquire a stronger set of levers?


You’ll need a set of downhill levers that are made of metal or the hard plastic Pedro’s downhill lever to remove the tire. Once it’s off take your deflated tube, put into a bag with a generous amount of baby powder and shake.
Reinstall the tube and tire.
The baby powder helps the tube move around the inside of the tire.