Tube Replacment?

Hello i poped my tube a couple weeks back and finnaly got a new one but i dont know how to replace it. If any one has any advice, step by step or a video that shows how to replace it please show me!

Thank You!!!:smiley:

My main problem is getting the tire of. Also i have a 20inch SUn classic if that helps…

take something flat and dull and pry off one side of the tire. then pull the old tube out. inflate the new tube a hair, just till it holds its shape. insert the new tube’s valve stem into the hole in the rim and put the rest of the tube in the tire. put the tire bead back inside the rim and you are done after you inflate the new tube. it really is easy. just do what you think needs to be done and you are right. it’s REALLY hard to mess this up.

Googling to find a video would be a good idea

As far as I know, maybe there is a video in this forum’s vid section.

Changing tires on unis is easy for me, the only important tip is you must remember it is very easy to damage the new-repaired tube, while you are messing around prying with screw drivers. An old screw driver can make a great tire lever, if you grind the end. Regular screw drivers will work ok, only if you are pretty good. Buying a set of bike tire levers (3), and watching a vid would set you on the path to success.:slight_smile: If your new tube install does not hold air when you are done, you pinched the tube with the levers during install, or failed to find the "nailish thing that is still stuck in the tire, that caused the original flat.:frowning:

Definitely go for it. It is uber mega lame not to be able to fix a tire. :stuck_out_tongue:

On any long distance uni camping trip, it might even be an important skill.

you dont need levers when putting the tire back on the rim. it can be done by hand.

I’d suggest getting leavers (plastic coated) to take your tyre off your rim, this can be a challenge!
Apart from this, remove the frame from your wheel set;
Place tyre lever between tyre and rim and ‘lever’;
Get hold of lever and wiggle it round the rim to get one side of the tyre on the outer of the rim (2 levers at different intervals around the wheel can make this HEAPS easier!)
Pull valve through hole in rim and out with the old tube;
Feel around the inside of your tyre to see if you can feel anything sharp that maye have punctured your tyre (if it wasnt a pinch flat);
Get new tube and place head of valve through rim hole;
Feed the rest if the tube in and around the inside of the tyre;
Push tyre back onto inside edge of rim;
Pump up;
Replace frame onto wheel set.
Hope this helps.

Thanks to all your help, i got it done last night at about 1am so now im ready to go ride!!!:slight_smile:

That depends on how strong your hands are, how stiff the sidewalls of the tire are, how old it is, and how many times you have already removed it from the rim.

My 24X3 Arrow Wide Bite was nearly impossible to take off and hard to put back on with levers.

Yeah, agreed, my Luna was quite a struggle to get off first time becuase of the stiff sidewalls… i ended up using a teaspoon as i didnt have any levers and i scratched my rim a bit - thats why plastic/plastic coated ones are what to use.

The Try-all is a pig to get off, I have bent all matter of cutlerary and snaped tyre leavers too, and it still wouldn’t come off! It helps to use WD40 or something similar to remove the tyre, it makes it loads easier. just spray it around one side of the tyre and then start removing it carfully, you dont want to go scratching the rim like I did:(