Tube of choice for a 24 X 3 muni tire

Suggestions? Nice to have it light and durable. I’ve always just used 3 X 2.3 Mtbk tubes.


i use a 26" inch tube since the dia. of a 3.0 24" tyre is that big.

I use the Intense DH tube. It’s a heavyweight DH tube with thicker rubber. I got a slow pinch flat once on my 26x3 using a lighter weight Nokian tube and after that I decided that thicker and heavier was going to be more reliable for me. I value reliability during a ride. I don’t want to deal with a flat during a ride. I’ll deal with the extra weight.

My riding style on the rough stuff is to plow into things like roots and rocks and try to roll over them. Sometimes I manage it with grace and skill. Other times it’s brute force and clumsy.

Here’s some weights from my kitchen scale for some tubes I have on hand. The scale is cheap and tends to over estimate the weight and has a wide range of variability.

Intense 24x3.00: 18 oz (510 g)
Nokian 24x2.1-3.0: 11 oz (312 g)
IRC Torque 26x2.25-3.00: 16 oz (454 g) note this is a 26"

Go-Ride has the weights of some other DH tubes listed.

If using a standard 24" tube in a fat 3" tire the quality of the tube will make a difference. Cheap tubes are made using a rubber that is less elastic and made using a process that doesn’t get as uniform of a wall thickness. Get a quality tube if you are going to go with an overinflated standard tube.

yeah thats why if somones going with a regular tube in a 24x3 tire they sould use a (bigger) 26" tube.

John, doesnt it seem like you get more flats in your air seat than your tyre?

oh and for the ultra treker, you can do what old school racers once did,… drill a second valve hole and jam two tubes in your tyre.


The one I put in your Flying Toucan is a Specialized 24 x 2.3/3.0 stndard weight tube. It is much lighter than a DH tube, and it is the right size for the tire. I have had great luck with them.
Have you had any flats yet?


I’ve had two flats in my muni air seat. But it’s not a big deal because my air seat has foam on top and is still ridable with a flat tube. A flat air seat isn’t going to force me to walk back to the car. I’m now more careful to replace the tube at least once per year whether it needs it or not but even that didn’t catch the last flat in my muni air seat tube.

I didn’t know Specialized was making a 24x3 sized tube. That’s neat. Yet another tube option and a better option that overinflating a standard sized tube.

Specialized has the tubes for sale on their web site (at least the USA version of their web site). That makes them easy to get.

Although I’m not sure if I’m willing to switch over to a lightweight DH tube even though it would save about 3/4 of a pound. Hmmm.

just get a foam cover to go over your tube. that way if you get a flat you wont be forced to walk back to the car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like Greentyres :slight_smile:

On the Specialized site: TUBE they are priced at $8.99 but they are only $6.99 at my local Specialized bike shop.

I ride in mesquite thorn country, and never get flats. I have always run a Gazz tire, and it may be that lighter tires will be more prone to thorn flats. Also, I run a Sun Doublewide which is well designed to reduce pinch flats, other rims may be more suseptible to that. Rider weight is a consideration also.

All that being said, Vivilargo is a big guy, and has been running a light tire with a light tube on a DX32 rim for several months while pounding the rocky SB terrain, and he told me he has not had any flats yet.


I have a 24x3 IRC torque.
after blowing out a lot of tubes when using low pressure, this one has a valve that you can screw to the rim! (good thing!) (I have a Gazz)

A Google search of your username shows you’re really looking EVERYWHERE for help. I think what you’re really looking for is a psychiatrist. Move along!

Nokian 2mm Tubes

I use Nokian 2.0mm tubes. They are heavy but worth it. So far I have only had one flat and that was yesterday after running over a thumb tack completing the whole ride with no loss of air pressure and pulling the tack out only after arriving home! I ride frequently and here in Israel there are lots of sharp rocks and thornballs called “Ninjas” which are hard as oak wood when dry and are the size of marbles with thorns about 5 mm in length! I frequently pull them out of my tire after rides with no puncture. I don’t know however if Nokian still manufactures these tubes.


I never heard of two tubes trick. So what is one supposed to achieve by stuffing two tubes into one tire. As far as I can understand there is not going to be enough space inside the tyre and one is going to have under-pressured situation, a very soft tire with possibly lots of rolling resistance. All that is going to be compounded if one goes off road with it.

I rode an intense DH tube for my 24" Downhill muni for about every week for what must have been 2 years before getting a flat. It was the valve stem on it that finally failed, now I cover the edges of the valve stem hole in the rim with electrical tape to take the edge off.

I also have gotten way more flats in the air seat on that uni than on any other uni simply because I still haven’t put a foam pad between the seat tube and the stiffener plate.

I wanted to try a lighter weight tube in my KH24. The one I have is stock, so I assumed it was the heavy duty Duro tube.

I had to call 5 bike shops before finding a 24x3 tube. Giant brand.
I weighed both the new and old tube using a cheap postal scale.
I don’t now how accurate it is but here’s what I got:

Duro: just over 15 oz. (425g)
Giant: 10 oz (284g)

I gave it a test spin around the neighborhood. I want to say I felt a difference, but it could easily be psychological.

But then again, my wheel’s circumference is about 77", so that’s about 4114 rotations in a 5 mile muni ride, which means I’m moving over 20,500 extra ounces around… that’s 1285 pounds! Sounds good to me… whether it’s logically sound or not!