Tube Help

I was doing some riding on dirt the other day, and ended the day with a one inch thorn (I tried to save it for a pic, but my friend threw it away) lodged itself in my helpless tire. When I went to my LBS, I asked them if there was any difference in the different brands of tubes they carry. The two attendants I asked said there isn’t any. I thought that was rather odd considering the difference in prices. So now I ask the question to you… Is there a difference between tubes? I know that there is a difference in weight, but is that the only difference? Is there any brand that you would recommend? Should I just buy the cheapest one?

Thanks for your time and wise replies

There are probably differences between various brands, but specific information can’t be given without knowing what brands we’re talking about.

Then there’s the question of manufacture vs. packaging. Who knows if they’re not all made in the same factory? I’m sure some are, but not all.

The folks in the bike shop may not know the difference, though you can follow such information with questions about why you should buy the more expensive ones. They might be of slightly higher quality, or have a slightly lower instance of failure. But more likely, they cost more, the packaging is more expensive, or the brand name is better known, so it can afford to carry a higher price.

There are also thorn resistant and heavy duty tubes available, mostly in mountain bike sizes. Based on my limited experience, you can tell the difference with these as they come in a larger box and weigh significantly more.

If you have a Gazz tire you might not notice the extra weight. I prefer this type of tube for trails. I’d rather carry the weight than have the hassles.