tube for duro 24x3

For those who have/use the duro 24x3 DH tire, what tube are you using?? I would think the thorn-resistent variety would be best, especially for Moab, but UDC does not have them; only the basic 24x3 “nokian” tube. This tube apparently IS made from heavier-than-normal rubber, so it’s probably the one to get. Just wondered if there might be a better choice.:slight_smile:

For a year I used heavy duty tubes with a Duro and kept getting flats (just like Josh did this last weekend). Then I switched over to a lightweight Specialized 24 X 2.6/3.0 (as marked on the box) tube and, even with all those rocky drops on G Spot and up in SB, I’ve never since flatted (5 months).


“lightweight”? Hmmm, sounds like it’s not even heavyduty. I just checked the specialized website, and they DO have “thornproof” tubes, but nowhere could I find size availablity. If you know more, please fill me in.:smiley:

I think you would be fine with the DH tube already on your DX. Any reason not to? It would work right?

currently I have the torker dx (2006) 24", with the standard tube that it came with, so I’m not sure when/if I make the jump to a 24x3 duro, that it will be large enough for the bigger tire; Unless the current tube’s range is up to 3.0. Plus, it’s probably not a bad idea to have an extra tube, eh? thanks :sunglasses:

As John mentioned I just got a flat with the Duro tube (using a Gazz outer tire). I swapped to the Nokian, but I haven’t ridden much on it yet, so I have no input about it. I rode for several months before popping the Duro, and I’m fairly lightweight.

If you’re really worried about puncture flats, you can just fill any old tube with slime.

Hey Entropy (sorry but I don’t know your actual name) where in Cali are you? Seems not to be ANY forum members in Los Angeles County! I did meet one other Coker-er (we’re riding the bike path near Mailbu this Sunday) but not on this list.:frowning:

I have the Nokian 24x3" tube from UDC for Oberon, my semi-custom Muni.

UDC just informed me that they now have the DURO 24x3 in stock. $10. Don’t know whether it’s the same or better than the Nokian, but it is the matched DH tube for the Duro 24x3 tire.

Hey Terry, there’s a few of us forum readers in and around LA. There’s me, vivalargo, teachndad and kohpee and a few others who are lurkers / I’m forgetting. Leadpan does MUni on his Coker down in Orange County. Largo and I occasionally ride MUni through Malibu Creek, off of Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon Road. It’s an exercise in tractoring, and not nearly as fun as the trails in San Fernando, Simi and Santa Barbara.

I would be glad to join you guys in San Fernando sometime; just let me know where and when. For me, Sundays are best, but with enough lead-time, I could come out pretty much anytime. You can also email me privately at

any DH specific tube should be fine. you’ll get problems if you try to run saya 24x1.5 tube. but anything 24x3 and for DH use, you’ll be more than okay.

Hey, I checked the Specialized box and all it says is, "Fits 24 X 2.4/3.0, and next to that, “Schraeder Tube.” The local Super Go bike shop had a stack of them on sale so I bought 4. They’re not nearly as heavy weight as the Duro or Nokian tubes I was running but I haven’t flatted a one of them, and I weigh 210 and ride pretty hard.



I wouldn’t go for the thornproof tube. They are heavy and will give you added rotational weight. It will make climbing harder. I run that lightweight Speciallized tube in my Gazz an have never had a problem with it, but I don’t ride with a Duro Tire.

When I started MUni 4 years ago, i ran the tire at 16 psi - I weigh 165 lbs. In the last 6 months I have come to like 21 psi. It just kind of happened. I was bottoming out on 16 and getting tire fold over when landing on slanted surfaces. With time, I guess my body got used to working with the higher pressure tire upon landing drops and I never thought I could roll over rocks with that psi, but it works. When I go down to 16 psi, it gets all gummy and I can’t get my timing right anymore.

Try the lighter tube. For Moab, put the lighter tube in the tire and carry another lightweight tube in your pack, if it’s really a concern. Jusmytwocents

Terry, go to and sign up for the ride list. That will get you into the “know” about rides when they come to the Valley.

Ride ON!

I signed up last night for Sbuni! Looking forward to joining you guys for muni. “JL” emailed me yesterday and told me that the weekend rides are usually all decent rides, and the “endurance climbing” is done during the week (if I remember correctly). My question was, if you had a vehicle/shuttle waiting at the bottom to take you back up?

Except for a couple of special trails, all our rides are shuttled by people participating.