tshirt ideas needed, BUC

if anybody has any good ideas for the BUC 11 tshirt check out this hijacked thread, and post them there, not here…

BUC 11

i made a cool pic for it but it wont work :frowning:

ok, i emailed it to you :slight_smile:

Well I guess by now you’ll have a good idea of images NOT to use, eh?!

Isn’t erin a girls name? the boy’s way is spelt Aaron but ERIN!!?? what were your parents thinking!?

and why dont you make like a moccison berry

by the by dont under guestimate me i prolly skool you in unicycling:D

…dude, what is it you are really trying to say? Keep on working on the basics in English 9. :wink:

what im tryin to say is that your a dumb ass. at least i take some time and sctually help someone with some ideas and not sit around and rant about it like you do.

now now children, stop this bickering. but mev’s you are right, we have taken time to come up with some ideas to help people out, i wasnt ranting on about mine being good (although i do personally like it!), other people said they like it, soo i dont know what your problem is.

have you seen my idea yet, mine kicks… buttnut

BUC is in Great Britain Erin is in Canada I dout that he is going so why would he help make a shirt for some thing he will not attend? Also I’m sure he was joking around when he said that I bet I would have but I didnt find the tread till just now. So chill out fool and get a eduimacation.

I was joking around too, man us canadians dont take things as serious as you brits:D jeez


Haha. It was hard to tell. I’m not a Brit and when I looked at that I was wondering why you said that and noticed I didnt add my location. Its all cool.

… and Erin is a female, a rather cool unicycling female at that! :stuck_out_tongue: