Trying trials

Is it possible to use a 24" muni to try out trials?
Would it be allowed in competitions.
Looking for something to do in my yard when there’s no time to drive to the forest for a ride:)


Even though 19/20" is the most common size for trials there is no restriction on other sizes. See: INTERNATIONAL UNICYCLE TRIALS RULES


Loads of people do Trials on 24-27.5" Munis, while riding on trails. Some love doing the Trialsy stuff, but still want the bigger wheel for covering ground and rolling over the smaller stuff.

But when the focus is on just Trials, especially when it involves lots of high hops, that smaller wheel makes things a lot easier.

Those rules are outdated. The official rules are in the IUF Rulebook, the latest edition is 2017 (2019 is being worked on). IUF is the International Unicycling Federation, the sole body that governs the internationally accepted rules for unicycling competitions. Find the latest rulebook at

But to the original question: wheel size is still unrestricted.

I’ve postponed my trials adventure for 2,5years.
I’ve since learned tour de france will visit Denmark in 2021 and the 3rd stage passes near my doorstep.
Now doing a tour stage that’s something special especially on a 36". I plan on using 2 days, it Fits nicely with my living about halfway through stage 3.

Thanks for letting us know so that we don’t hold our breath for 2.5 years. :slight_smile:
And good luck with riding a Tour de France stage.

Wow, I didn’t know they took the Tour “on the road”. That’s very cool! Don’t try to win the stage on your 36". :smiley:

Klaas, just checking with you if there’s any activity on that? I looked on the IUF website and it still looks like a blank for 2018, and nothing listed for 2019. I don’t want to be left out if there is one, but I also understand it’s more important to secure a venue for 2020…

John, I sent you an e-mail.