Trying to keep up with my skater friends..

I’ve been riding trials and Muni for a year now, mostly just trailblazing urban/forest environments. Last weekend I took my unis (a 29"muni and 20" trials) to a skatepark for the first time. As there aren’t any other unicyclists in my area I’m always either out solo or with my skater friends.

I started out on the trials, jumped some ledges and attempted a few grinds but that was all I could really accomplish with it. Then I tried my muni with much more success. I could actually build up enough speed to launch off some low kickers.

Still not enough speed for vert ramps or bowls however. So, my question is has anyone ever had any success riding vert on a larger wheel? or a geared hub? Or does anyone think this will work at least?

There is some guy on the video forum who seems to ride skate parks on a 26", with a lot of success. You’re limited on the big stuff by not being able to freewheel, but what he was up to looked quite impressive.


Cedric vincent rides skateparks on a 26"
and is incredibly good at it. However he rode for some years doing much the same things on a 19" trials

Rick redmon(i think) does some awesome park riding, he can drop a 12 foot bowl

so… on a 19" its perfectly possible but i think most people will agree 24" and 26" are easy and have better potential for awesome stuff!

Damn that was sweet. Watching Cedric it seems like the majority of the time he’s just hopping as opposed to jumping seat out front. How is he getting so high like that? It did look like when he’s seated his legs don’t extend quite as much as mine (seat height or crank length?)

That’s been a big limitation for me so far -being able to jump high enough. I just don’t have the control needed to land with the seat out yet. If a shorten my seat height a good bit before the next time I go to the skate park do you think I’ll have better results with the ramps just by hopping?

as for the 12’ bowl drop …meh …riding down things isn’t too bad, now if he got up out of the bowl then I’d be damn impressed.

Do a search for posts from “HardcoreCokerRider” and you might find some videos of him rocking a 36er at some parks. Anything’s possible.

Cedric Vincent… I’m speecless. What I like is it is still riding a unicycle and not using it as a pogo stick. All the little variations keep it real interesting.

Rick redmond is pretty awesome. I’ve ridden with him a couple times and he always blows me away with the stuff that he can do :~)