trying to freemount....."stuff" in the way...

I tried freemounting for the first time this evening…I got my uni 2 weeks ago today. I can ride a fair distance straight, but can’t turn yet.

I tried the static mount and did not have much luck…can’t seem to get the “family jewels” out of the way. :astonished:

Should I lower the seat, or try another style?

Or should I learn to turn first?


well, you hold the front of the seat in one hand, then you put that in your crutch, but you have to re-position the family jewels up then put the saddle in your crutch then you can release the jewels. then you’re set to go.

when you’re sitting on the saddle, and you have your pedal at it’s lowest position, you should be able to reach it with your heel and have a small bend in your knee, not perfectly straight.

i’d say keep going with the freemount until you get it, it’s pretty important. you’ll learn to turn as you go, just lean into the turn, pedal into it and you kinda bring yourself back up. when i was learning to turn i flailed my arms about wildly, but you get over it in a few weeks

If before mounting, (1) the seat is pressed up against your crotch and (2) your balls are out of the way and (3) you do not break contact with the seat in the process of mounting, then you should have no problem avoiding sitting on yourself. This next paragraph is one way that you could achieve those things:

With one foot on the rear pedal and the other foot on the ground, put the seat in between your legs, but not pressing too tightly against you. Make contact as if you were going to sit on a point of the seat that is too far forward. Press down gently on the back pedal to push the seat into your crotch (or you can use your hand on the handle to pull the seat up against you). Pull the seat forward. The pressure you are applying by pushing the seat against your crotch should help move your balls forward as the seat moves forward. After this, everything should be moved forward out of the way, and you can attempt to mount.

Is that comprehensible? Do you have other problems with freemounting, or was that it?

you can mount without the seat tucked under you, you kinda ride off lifting and then slide front of seat to back and your jewels get into position :wink:

may lower the seat…

I get the feeling that I don’t have enough of the seat under me when I start. I think I might (at least temporarily) lower the seat an inch (as suggested in posted freemounting instructions) so I can have a little more of the seat under me when I start.

I actually got up on the wheel for a second or so, but did not go anywhere. I’m getting close…


Try wearing biking shorts or tight underwear to keep ‘things’ snug.