trying to find uni events on Long Island, NY

I’ve just started unicycling (about 30 hours ago) and I’m trying to find any uni events to attend/observe in the Long Island, NY area. Other than the New York Uni club in Manhattan I can’t find any events on Long Island. Any idea where I can look to find events in the area would be appreciated?

  thanks in advance

Check out Just one They are located on the Island.

It’s great to have another rider on the island. I host a bunch of rides and events throughout each year. Type “long island MUni ride” in the search bar to see some write ups and photos of past rides. Send me a PM or give a buzz (516-702-9807) to discuss further. I also hold workshops every Sunday in Plainview.
Send me or call me with your e-mail address to put on my list for futur events.