Trying to Expand the Sport (New Resource for Unicyclists)

My New Channel

Hey everyone. Been a long time since I’ve been on the forums, but I gotta say it’s looking a LOT better than it did previously in layout. Anyways, I recently just started a unicycling youtube channel in the hopes to expand the sport of the unicycling and to give back to this amazing community in the form of content, information for riders (new and old), and entertainment. As well as hoping to recruit new people to the sport. :blush:

If you have a moment, please consider checking out my new channel, I’m hoping to make weekly uploads (Thursday @ 5PM EST). If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for this channel, please let me know! I appreciate any feedback I can get. Thank you guys <3

  • Jack

Hi, welcome back!

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Great riding, I will definitely keep a eye on your channel.

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Good to be back!

Thank you, I’m glad you’re interested :slight_smile: