Trying to decide what to get.

Hi ,

I am new here.My twin brother and I both ride…We got a uni for xmas many many years ago. We have left riding and have come back to it many times…I think were back for good though. He is much better than I. He rides freestyle and distance. I just ride to relax. Anyhow, My brother Vinny is going to be getting a coker soon and I want to be able to ride with him… mind you I dont have to nor want to keep up with him just dont want to be SO far back. I also want to enjoy going distance… I have 24" schwin now I am thinking of a nimbus 29 or torker 26 . I am only 5 '2. Please let me know what you reccommend.

Sorry, I don’t have a recomendation but I am 5’2" also and I can ride a coker comfortably so you shouldn’t worry about not being able to ride it due to your height.

You will probably be able to ride a Coker. Shorter people have. If you don’t ride a Coker you WILL fall far, far, far behind him. The only advantage of having a 26" or 29" is that you will both be able to share that along with the Coker. It gives you both more selection as a team.