Tryin to find riders in/near Fresno, CA

I used to ride, and I was gettin pretty good, but had nobody to ride with, and got bored, and sold my uni. Now i have been thinking of getting back into it, but i want someone to ride with cuz my friends are wussies and are afraid to learn how to ride a unicycle.
so ya, drop me a line at or AIM sn: psycoticmosquito if you are from the area and wanna hang out

there are alot of riders in the bay area.
im in san jose.
what kind of riding do you do.

Idk, i guess i was kinda getting into freestyle or trials or something. I havn’t ridden much since about a year and a half ago thugh, but occasionally i get on my sister’s unio and mess around to make sure I still got it.

I am here in fresno and ride all the time here
I gotta 38inch sidehop so I am not bad.
send me a pm cause I wont check this thread again.
or myspace me