Tryall Street rim VS KH rim

alright needing a new rim so i was wondering which rim is stronger. The tryall street rim or the new KH rim. Im sorta against the cheese hole design of the KH but the spoke offset looks to make the rim stronger. So i was wondering what your views were on these two rims.


AFAIK The new Koxx-one street rims have the offset holes too, I’m not sure though. But if I was you (you ride Big street) I would get the Koxx-one Undrilled one, because my KH might be stronger than the other years before but it’s already flatspoted, I’m sure an undrilled rim would last longer even without the offset spokes…

Thats cool, i was looking on renegade and i couldnt tell. Ill prolly stick with the street rim then.

You could just get a DX32 too. It isn’t as wide (only 38mm) but it’s really strong, I can’t compare them with the Koxx-one Street rims though, I haven’t really seen anyone rode a street rim really hard except “Skrobo”. Anyway, there’s probably alot of other riders who can tell you wich one is better between those 3(KH, DX32, Koxx-one street). I’ve only ridden drilled rims.

i got a dx 32 and that thing is super heavy, haha so im trying to do all that i can to avoid using it (yes i know im a sissy:p)

I also dont mind replacing a rim as long as it can last me 6 months or so.

I think skorobo did a review on the street rim. He said it was very solid…

For what it’s worth the Try-all undrilled street rim weighs about 600 grams, 19" dx-32’s weight about 550, and 09’ KH 19" rims weigh about 490. If you’re really worried about the weight of a dx-32, you’re not going to like the street rims.

The real question is, what rim did you ruin to need a new one? how long did it take? If you want the new one to last longer you have two major options. Buy something stronger and heavier, or do less stressful riding.

thats the 36 hole dx or the 48? im only familiar with the 48 hole.

Its just the nimbus rim and ive had since 07 but havent actually done any hard riding with it till about 2 months ago.

I also understand that something will have get heavier to be stronger but if something is designed differently maybe it can be lighter and stronger.

36 hole, no eyelets.

sweet deal ill have to see how it goes.

Only question i have is that the rim isnt as wide? so will i have a skinnier profile on my tire then?

No, the Dx-32 isn’t as wide as the KH or Try-all rims. The most significant difference for trials/street wheels is the difference in tire volume. You’ll get a little more bounce and sideways stability out of the wider rim. If you already have a dx-32 it wouldn’t hurt (much) to build it up and see if the width difference bothers you.

only problem i have is that the unicycle its on im letting my friend barrow, the rim is fairly cheap tho so it may just be worth it to buy one and see how it goes. Im a kid and i only have to pay for gas and with a job i can afford to buy multiple rims:D

I think i may go with the wider rim tho, i really like having the width on my tire. Like you said im gonna go get the uni from my friend and see how the difference is.

Get the Koxx-One street rim cause you will like it.

Nice informed and thorough post aidan…
Anyway, I have used other peoples 47mm rims and the extra stability was definitely noticeable compared to my 42mm (Nimbus) trials rim, however I don’t ride big street so can’t help other than with my experience, sorry! :slight_smile:

Hey I’m just sayin…

OK my 2 cents. I have used dx in the 48 and the 36 hole versions. Used kh drilled rims, and tryall street and drilled rims.

The tryall street rim is a BEAST! Stong, wide and gets the job done right! But at a tole, that monster is the heaviest or one of the heaviest trials rims on the markey. While using that rim I broke 3 spokes out of my wheelset at Moab, cut the spokes out, and kept riding it with abuse. They know strength.

The Dx 48, with so many spokes you can true that sucka in so many directions. The 36, stilll very strong and a reliable rim. However the Dx are pretty narrow. If you are riding flat and street, it might not affect you too much. If you are riding trials you are gonna hate life! Narrow rims make you obligated to run a higher PSI to avoid tire folding for gaps, and hoping up inclines.

Drilled rims. Yes, with better designing its possible to get extra strength without the weight. But that is with great designing. There are bike trials rims out there that are 32 hole drilled that are amazing in strength. Unicycles have not had the same demand so we are dinosaurs compared… I have broken and tacoed many tryall and kh drilled rims. but these were the older models. The 2010 KH rim seems to be alot stronger in design. So much so that I have one in the mail as I type.

I am not gonna tell you which rim you should get, just letting you know my experiences on them. Keep in mind that in trials you are going to want some more width. Street and flat its not “as” important.

did some math and the difference is only an ounce a 3/4 so ill go with the wider rim just for an ounce more

Be sure to let us know what you think, when it comes in.

ill put a review on it, itll prolly be a while but ill let you guys know:)