TryAll 26" Rim ERD?!

Does anyone know the ERD of the Tryall 26" rim? If not, Where can i find it?

I went through this with my tryall 19" one. Try e-mailing a few bike sales places. There’s a guy who runs a small online whop for trials riders who should know. My local DH shop knew, but I don’t know how many DH shops are in Ojai.

Good luck.

How the shit did you know i live in Ojai?

He looked up where the Milky Way is and went a tad left of it.



10 characters?

Its 540mm, I emailed

Oh, sorry, I assumed you wanted the mod erd.

Naw. (10 FREAKIN characters)

Everyone on the face of the earth knows you live in Ojai.

Fine. (damn 10 charaters)