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Someone has to learn to play the accordian while on a unicycle.

Would the be the first accordianing unicyclist?


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Playing a accordian is hard anoth let alone on a uni

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Been there, done that. Now I gotta learn EotG.

John Childs is a known accordian playing unicyclist. I don’t know if he’s the first.

Post clash. JC beat me by a few seconds.

ohhh thats sweet, do you have a video? I cant stop thinking about that now. So can you wheel walk while accordioning?


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No, because there was an unicyclist in Austria playin accordian on a 7’ unicycle, while idling 1ft extended AND balancing a broom on the extended leg. I think this was on the show of the EJC of 1996.

Wheel walking while even just wearing an accordion would be difficult because the accordion adds a whole lotta weight up front. I wouldn’t even want to try it. Too much risk of falling off and damaging the accordion.

There are smaller accordions that weigh less and those would be more manageable and easier to ride with. The accordion I have is a big one. Bulky and heavy.

Playing an accordion is easy. Playing it well is more difficult. :slight_smile:

ive played my dads squeeze box on my uni, and his banjo. talk about lots of cordonation (dont know if i spelt it right but u know)

i posted this thinking its impossible. You guys are just amazing. Wow…


I know Yoggi’s learning to play the accordion… what I heard last time we met was quite good.
he probably aims to clear a 5m drop with feet on crown while playing the “Amélie Poulain” soundtrack:D

Threadjack: JC, I would be interested in hearing which accordian players you consider to be “tops”. In return for your response, I’ll make sure you experience some fine accordian solos on the Sennheisers.

My vote:

Best: Garth Hudson
Next: Clifton Chenier

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There’s a video somewhere in the gallery of a German riding around while playing an accordian. I don’t know how to find it, unfortunately.

I haven’t heard many other players, could you post some links to these guys’ works?

One person I have heard (recorded and live) who smokes on the accordian is Weird Al Yankovic. No, really, this guy rocks out! Although I’ve noone to compare him to…

Last year at the German Muni and Trials Weekend somone played accordion on a 20" Trials.

Heres a picture:

on a related subject, I had a lead role in a movie that was all about accordians. I even had a stunt double.

my friend beatboxed on a uni

my friend beatboxed on a uni