Try this!

Anyone tried this yet?

log muni.gif

I dressed up like a lumberjack once. But then dad started in with “I have no son, I have no son.” and Mom… well… mom just stood there.


I haven’t tried that yet, I can’t ride backwards, and you’d need to ride backwards to get the log to turn forwards. Cause if you pedaled forwards the log would turn backwards, and then i’d still be going backwards, and I can’t do that.

This is assuming that the log would go in any direction and not just float there, if it would just float then I could try it and have no excuse… oh well…

no, but i used to ride MUni on a 5 foot giraffe

I’ve always wanted to try that log rolling thing on a uni. It might be wise to try it on my feet first, though.
I tried to MUni on a giraffe once, too. It didn’t work too well, and I didn’t try very rough terrain as it was a borrowed giraffe.

note: trying to use a turned over garbage can as your ‘bottom wheel’ (as the log is in the pic) on an asphault parking lot, seems quite difficult (I never got anywhere with it)

Not necessarily. I think I can almost ride my uni better than walk now that it’s slippery outside. Last night I was riding my uni and a friend was walking besides me. (So I was riding reaaaally slow) Her feet kept slipping all the time while I had no problems with my uni.

conclusion: Try everything on your uni, then on your feet.

A year and a half ago, a chinese circus visited my home town. In one act, a lady had a big ball (about 80cm diameter at a guess), and idled one-footed on her unicycle on top of the ball. Then on her free foot (the one not idling) she balanced what looked like four cups and saucers, kicked the lot into the air, and caught them on her head.
Now if she could do it while log rolling, then I’d be impressed…
Seriously though, after seeing her, I bought my first unicycle.

I guess it would be easier if you were on a log. It doesn’t roll as well as a ball, and it doesn’t roll sideways.


I saw that circus too!

I heard that that is the only trick she can do on a uni! I dunno if it is true or not, but if she practices only that, I think it might be!

It still looks good though,


I have seen this act done (on video) and the large globe seems to have been on tracks on the ground (look carefuly as they are not designed to stand out).

This means that the ball can only roll forwards and backwards, not from side to side.

Still a very impressive trick though.


The guy in the cartoon is riding a highly geared up MUni giraffe. I find that when I ride a log roll in water I prefer a 1:1 geared giraffe with a standard 20x1.75 tire for control and response. Wider tires help with the wet bark surface but are sluggish when I do rapid corrections. I find that I am also unable to one-foot idle the wet log roll with a fat tire for some reason. Does anyone else have these problems when spin-riding floating logs?

are you talking about the one where she rides a 5 foot ish girrafe on a big (like 1.8m) walking globe?

to me that not even the good bit, i especialy like the part where she ballances rice bowls on her foot while on foot idling then kicks them up onto her head. still on to of the big walking globe.

beleive me, its hard enough to do it with a hat when standing.
althogh i know someone who can do it on a unicycle (with a hat)

the walking globe is on a mat that stops it rolling around too much.
i dont remember her riding forward though

its a very nice act.
when i saw them they were here in stirling and they set up the tent next to the skate park where i go to play, onece i was practicing and two of the acrobats came over and watched me, when i noticed them i did a bit of one foot idleing and mimed throwing things from my foot to my head, they laughed a bit and waved hello.

:smiley: LOL :smiley:

I saw this last year from really quite close up and it seems she’s learnt to do it without the tracks now, just on a thick carpet to stop it rolling too fast.



I want royalties! This is clearly stolen from my photograph.

Whoa, that is very similar. Except that his back is facing the camera (or artist, or whatever). Your front is. I guess it’s not really you…

hmmm… interesting


Why did you photoshop the logjam out? Who is that fool on the geared giraffe?