Try this excercise/game

Once a week, I have access to a hall to ride for 1/2 hour or so. My friend comes along too. He’s a relative beginner, and I’m teaching/coaching/encouraging him. last night we tried this, and it was great fun for both of us, whilst helping him to improve his technique and confidence, and me to improve my technique.

We used chairs, but cones would be better. Set out 6 chairs like this:



We set them out so that A and C were about 6 metres apart, and A and D were about 3 metres apart.

Now, we do a pursuit race, starting from opposite positions, and circling in the same direction. But… the beginner goes round the outside of all six cones, and the more experienced rider (ahem:o ) goes OUTSIDE the four corner cones (A,C,D,F) and inside the middle cones (B and E) in a weaving movement.

The winner is the one who catches the other, or the one who doesn’t UPD!

Now for fine tuning, rearrange the cones like this:




Same rules, but the rider who is weaving inside the middle pair of cones now has to follow a longer track and make tighter turns. I set myself a target of catching my opponent within 5 laps. Telling him this spurred him on to greater things!:wink: I recommend this as a simple exercise to encourage new riders, and to take their minds off the mechanics of riding so that they concentrate on the riding itself.

It’s so simple, but the course as set out above can fit nicely inside a badminton court sized floor area, and riders of all levels of ability can compete, with the ‘handicapping system’ suitably adjusted. If everyone had to weave inside the middle two cones, then it could be a simple but entertaining contest at unimeets and the like, with the best of 5 laps, awarding, say, 3 points for catching your opponent, and 1 point if you’ve only gained on him/her after 5 complete laps. To prevent tactical UPDs, I suppose someone UPDing would count as ‘caught’ and give their opponent 3 points.


Thanks for posting that, it sounds really good. I might have to try it for my weekly coaching/teaching/encouraging on our new weekly unicycle rides.