Try-All White Sticky tire $100

I know they don’t make these anymore but I really would like one, so here’s the deal…if someone wants to take advantage of my desire to get one I will pay one person $100 :astonished: (shipping included) if they sell me a new Try-all white tire. It’s a good deal for the seller, but the way I see it is supply equals demand, I want one, no one has them - so you could win. :smiley: That is if you want to make a quick dollar and don’t mind parting with one. Pm me if you have a new or basically new Try all white tire you would part with for a Benjamin.
And even this offer might not want to make you part with one, but it is worth a try (fyi…the price isn’t going any higher)

I’m good, bought one on sale! :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Where did you get one on sale?!

Yeah wtf. Where are they!?!?

Don’t tell 'em!
Buy all the ones that you found and become a Try-All White Sticky Tzar!

(That sounds a bit weird when you say it out loud)

That sounds… REALLY weird… He might have found some on ebay or some crazy local shopping trying to get rid of them.

Sorry I was working and can’t use my computer for personal.

First, I’m a girl/woman.
Second I bought it at the raddest place ever! Because I ordered this on 4/23/2010 and it came today. This place kicks butt to any US store. I bought it on sale for £17.01 to £23.83 and paid for shipping. Total cost in US dollars with shipping was $48 kicks butt to even buying a black one here in the states. I’m giving you the exact link I purchased mine, I could only put one in my cart, so I couldn’t stock up or I would have. Anyway good luck.

and the end result…:smiley:


Isn’t the link for a 20" rim and not a 19" ??

Yeah, well hopefully it will work that problem is I know nothing about this stuff. Basically it’s the same size as my CC (except a .05 thinner) so I’m not too concerned.

It will not work on your KH rim… the tire is a 20", your rim is 19". No chance to fit it on that rim.
You need the “rear” tire for your rim.

You’re sure it’s not .5 thinner? Because if it is it wont fit, and by looking at your picture it really looks like a 20" and not a 19". I hope you got the right one though…

Thanks Jake, the CC is 20X2.5 the Try-All is 20X2.0, so I got the wrong one? :frowning: I’m sooo bummed and embarrassed. :o

E-mail Tarty Bikes and tell them you got the wrong one, maybe they can give you your money back(but you’ll probably have to pay shipping back too) or you can sell it to some Bike Trials rider.

I was thinking of dropping my old one… You’ll need to shave it a little because it’s been worn on one side more than the other (blame the gliding). Also shipping from the US may be alot, but if you really want one I can get you a picture.

Threads still reasonable, it’s been used by my girlfriend these days who doesn’t ride much

Thanks Jakob, I don’t know if it be worth sending it back with shipping costs. If someone here needs one for a bike I’d be happy to give it to them for shipping costs.

Cool, yeah if you have a pic I still want one, I don’t really want or know how to shave it, it’s generous of you to offer. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I got all excited! lol. It may be possible to just get a 20" rim and mount that tire on it. I’m not sure if it will fit but if your already getting the tire, it may be worth some investigation.

pm sent.

Yeah, I got excited too, :frowning: for a minute, haha. I think I’m going to be stuck buying a black Try-All. I’m not a big fan of the Creepy Crawler and like what people say about the Try-All trials tire, guess I will have to deal with a normal black tire.

Pm’d you back.