try all vs Jim C pedals

which ones are better. im loking for some good cheap metal pedals, and was wondering which ones are better. (any other sugestions between $25-35 would work too)

jim c’s are better. primos are even better though

Im sure you just say that just to make me post, becuase you know that Jim Cs are better. Your primos broke and now your using my Jim Cs… So which are better?

well. jim c’s are nice but I think hoffman soulmates are better

dude, I knew you would say something like that.
my primos actually have not broken and the grip wore out. if you were actually good enough to pedal grab you would lose grip on your jim c’s.:smiley: the bearings are loose… it would happen to any other pedals too if they were riden hard enough

Well then i guess Ill be getting some new Jim Cs from you soon :smiley: either way I win. Checkmate.

Hoffman Sole Mates. $32 from, funky colors, just as strong as JC’s, lighter than JC’s, come with long and short pins, no modification necesary to fit Komando style grind plate, big platforms, knurling for pinless pedal grabs, awesome pedals.

Sure about that? It took Cody half a ride to bend his. First time he ever used them too. He has bent Jimmy C’s too, but definitely not that fast.

I have some sole mates and I like them.

First of all, Cody breaks everything. Second, aren’t the spindles on JC’s and Solemates the same? I don’t have the time to look it up, but if my memory serves me corectly, they are the same spindles. Whatever, they are plenty strong.

Cody does break everthing. I’ll throw my 2 cents in too: definitely jimmy c’s over primos. No comment on the hoffmans as I havent tried them yet.


Haha yeah I know Cody breaks everything but it took him much longer to bend Jimmy C’s. I don’t know if the spindles are the same or not. The Sole Mates could be just as strong and Cody just landed really badly that day.

I like them because you can’t strip the pedal body since the pins thread into nuts.


all teh way!

Im just fat :wink: but yeah Jimmy C is WAAAY stronger than the sole mates, I bent them a few times in one ride, it must have taken me an hour to bend them on the first day puttin them on my uni! It was a 180 off I think a 5 ft drop :’( Im still usin the same Jimmy Cs that I was using when I bent my hub on my dx. they have taken 180s and 360s off many drops higher than 5ft, and many drops 8ft+ and im still usin them, im gettin new ones soon only cause my pins are worn down from grinding on them and I dont wanna get more =p