Try-All Trials tire

Has anyone tried the Try-All, 20" trials tire for uni trials?


No, what about the new 20/19" x 2.5" Maxxis trials tyre? I had a look at one at the trials demo I did a few days ago. They have thinner sidewalls than the Monty unfortunately but are really soft and really grippy on urban stuff. The guy I spoke to hasn’t yet tried it out on natural trials lines. The amazing thing is they retail for about $30 AUD here apparently. now have them in stock (the website will soon be updated).


I’m quite happy with my monty and have no will to get a different tire anytime soon thank you very much.

I’ve worn out only one Monty and one Luna and now I’m starting to look to other options for my next trials tire. I can’t say that at my level I “need” anything more than either the Monty or the Luna. Only in my dreams can my abilities exceed the tires’ capabilities. That said, I’m always up for trying something new. I’ll scope-out the Maxxis as a possible replacement. Thanks for reminding me that the Maxxis is out there.


no no no

terrible old thread, but i wish you would realise that the maxxis kinda sucks. Way better plan to go for the eagle claw.