Try-All Sticky Tire

I’m looking for a Try-All Sticky Tire in any condition, preferably white for $20 OBO. I may be able to pay shipping.

I doubt that’s gonna happen for $20
Ask pat lally whether he still has his white one?

I asked to buy Pat’s but he never got back to me. I believe Renegade Juggling has them but not for $20.00

Oops, I meant ‘$30’ and I’ll go higher.

I’ll also trade for a Luna with some money (depending on condition of Try-all and I’m not looking for a brand new one).

keep the luna, it would be hard to find another one and if you ever wanted to bald a tire a luna would be perfect

I love how long the Luna LASTS but it isn’t worth it if you HAVE to take it to a bike shop to take it off. And then balding it defeats the whole purpose :p.

Luna’s have their pluses and minuses and taking them off the rim is one of those big pain in the butts!

Hopefully you can find a tryall tire, my brother had one and he really loved it so i bet you will to:)

have you tryed email them and see how much it would cost to ship one over…

I’m guessing you live in america so 30 pound would be about $45

I’m getting one from a guy for $30 (that’s with shipping), so I’m good.