Try-all sticky light


 I'm looking for a black or white Try-all sticky light 19" trials tire. If anyone has one that they're willing to sell to me, let me know :)



Whites are on sale. Shipping is actually not too bad. Still an expensive tire though.

Tarty Bikes

I bought one of these on Tartybikes while it was on sale! I just have to pick it up from my friend.

The shipping is not too expensive, but you will probably get custom fees when it gets home, which can be really expensive… I absolutely hate custom fees, it ruins the whole order…

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Tarty is great and shipping as everyone said is not bad and it’s pretty darn quick, I have purchased from them and was impressed. You can also buy in the states at

Thanks guys :slight_smile: But don’t these ship from the UK?

Yes, but it’s super quick shipping. Tarty is #1 worldwide in the world of Trials.

Here is another choice: