try all sticky for MUni?

I was wondering,do they make a 24" by 3" version of the try all trials tire?
I know that they make a 26" one, but do they make a 24"? Thanks.


I think they don’t, else koxx would use it for their 24 Muni instead of the Duro surely, as they use try all tyres on all their other stuff.

yeah I was looking for a 24X3" Sticky but they don’t make them :frowning:

yea, oh well. I guess I can try e-mailing them and beg them to make one :roll_eyes:

lol, Miles

They won’t make one since there is no KOXX 24’’ trials bike. If they ever did make such a bike and made a 24’’ tire it would be 2.5’’ wide max.