you know the one with holes in it…

is it weak? or not.

weaker than KH rims, but still fairly strong.

i THINK all the koxx-1 riders ride with them: yoggi, xav, so on and so forth


Yeah, they sort of have to because they come on the koxx unis…
I have no experience with them but Bevan said he thinks tryall rims are the weakest he has tried. I heard somewhere that Xav made one snap doing a 360 down a 9 set or something like that.

I was talking to a trials biker in town who said the he dosen’t like the try-all rim because it is weak (he has a bit of a dent in his) he said that they used to be 36 spoke rims but they made it 32 so they could put bigger holes in them. but this made them weaker so they made the rim walls thicker to add strength. so in the end the had a rim that was 100g heavier than the original, but wasn’t any stronger. thats what I’ve heard any ways