Try-All Rim ERD?

Yet another question.

Does anyone know the ERD on the Try-All 19" rim? I’ve looked all over, even the Try-All website, and I can’t find anything… Please help.

Re: Try-All Rim ERD?

ERD? I can only guess.

Estimated rolling distance?

Effective Rim Diameter, it’s used to calculate spoke length.

I asked over on and they said 360. This sounds about right as UK`s spoke caclulator says the Monty is 358 .

If you get the rim and do check it… give me the size and I will add it to the rims in the calculator.



Thanks. That equals a 14.1" ERD, which seems okay, but still a bit small. I’ll try it, and we’ll see what happens.

I didn’t define ERD because I figured if you didn’t know what ERD meant, then you wouldn’t be able to help me. But yes, I did mean Estimated Rim Diameter. And also, yes, I an using this info to calculate the length of the spokes I need.

Roger: When I get it I will measure and tell you.

I asked the people at tryallamerica (a try-all dealership), and they said it was approxamately 390mm. I’m gonna play around with the numbers and see what it gets me.

I dont think 390 can be right… a normal 20" rim has a bead diameter of 406, and then the ~10mm, making ~386 the ERD…

Maybe Tryallamerica gave the ERD for the front wheel of a mod trials bike. The front wheel is a 20" rim. The rear wheel, however, is the funky 19" trials size.

Well, I finnaly figured it out for sure. I asked a local DH shop and one of the techs measured his personal rim for me. They are 365mm. Good thing I hadn’t gotten the spokes yet. I’ll verify that it’s 365mm after I build my wheel, after which I’ll e-mail Roger.

That sounds alot closer, especially when taking into account that the bead diameter on a trials tire is 387.