Truth - Julia Belk

Hey guys. Hope you enjoy a short video I made.

Clean riding, Julia. I liked the chill music. So 1:35 was… a blind trey backflip? I bet that took some work to learn.

Cool Julia…Music worked very well.

Thank you! The music is from Breaking Bad. :smiley:

Not blind, but yes.

You normally spin with your left hand? Somehow I never noticed that :stuck_out_tongue:

very good riding and super chill!

She’s LFF (left foot forward) which means that’s the more common style of spinning.

Not much impresses me but…

Julia, in my sixty something years I think I’ve seen it all. There is not much left that impresses me.

However, I really REALLY loved that spot at 44 secs where you left the pedals and jumped with the wheel spinning. Loved the rest too of course.

I’m too old to learn, bones brittle with age, my blood is too thin and I’m too slow to heal. I think I’ll have to just ride long distances in straight lines and dream of doing the stuff you do. :sunglasses: