Trust cheap bearing on ebay?

I am going to need some new bearings for my two unicycles with Suzue hubs soon. I was looking at UDC and saw that they cost 6 bucks each plus shipping. So I checked out ebay and found this auction:

They have ten bearings for ten bucks plus $8.95 shipping. Would trust bearings bought cheap off of ebay? Those are the right size I need, right?


looks like a great deal to me…better buy now!

Oh wait! I may have found a possible problem. According to the listing, the max speed for the bearings are 17000rpm. Is that going to be enough? :smiley:

Yes, of course I’m joking


Re: Trust cheap bearing on ebay?

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 02:55:43 -0600, “daino149” wrote:

>17000rpm. Is that going to be enough? :smiley:

17,000 revolutions per month, let’s see… That’s just over 1 km per
day. Not very much if you ask me. :slight_smile:

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