truing stands

I might build a wheelset for a trials BC, and was wondering if anyone knows of a good truing stand that would work. I don’t want to spend alot of money on it, but want it to hold up.

also, are truing stands essential for building a wheel?

if you put your bc wheel platforms on two tables or something that would support your wheel as the wheel spins freely, you can eyeball the trueness for results as good as you are looking for.

truing stands do make the job easier to finish off (kinda), but if you are looking to save money, the eyeball technique is all you need…

I found this on ebay. does it look good?

looks like all you’d need

hmmmm, will the ‘truing gages’ reach upwards to a 20" wheel? that’s something you need to make sure of (if you are looking for a 20" of course)

thanks alot.

I’m confused. what does that mean?
it would be a 19" rim.

look at the bottom left of that pic. this is the bunch of things that you use to measure trueness…if the rim hits this piece, it’s not true yet.

does this stand allow for those gages to reach up closer to the top of the stand? it’s technically a bike trueing stand so there is a possiblity the range of adjustment might only be from 24" - 28" rims. I don’t know if this is the case, but this is a bare bones trueing stand, and the adjustibility up to 20" might not be possible. it’s hard to tell from this picture

hmm, it says it works with 28" road bikes.

does anyone have one they use on trials rims?

right, 28" is closer to the bottom of the stand where the gages are, they may not reach ‘up’ (towards the ceiling) enough for work with a 19"wheel

yea, that’s what I’m thinking.

no, that’s what I’M thinking :slight_smile:

what about this?

You will need a stand that will hold your bearings to spin the wheel, not something like that stand that will only hold the axle of a bike wheel.

i’ll sell you this for $50cdn + shipping

(it WILL work)

doesn’t an axle stick out of a BC wheel before the bearings go on? (never saw one ‘bare’)

I’m confused.

I’ll have to think about that stand. is it new or used?

Yes the one Brian has will work…its very similar to one of the ones on the shop and we true bmx wheels all the time with it.

used. (for about 5 wheels…they last forever, i just hate truing wheels…too much like work)

I jsut had another idea. would I be able to build the wheel,and then take it to my lbs and have them true it for me?
or do you need the truing stand to build the wheel?