How does one attach a unicycle wheel to a truing stand. I have the standard chrome Park model. Does someone make a bearing cup attachment for it, or will I have to make my own?


Good question! I gave up trying to use my truing stand. A strategically placed thumnail works fine for me, but if you need accuracy you can try this


I’ve successfully used a truing stand to build a couple of unicycle wheels. I think I just sat the bearings in the grooves somehow and kept pushing them back into place every now and then.


I just tool my KH in for truing, and the guy that does it looked like I had brought in an alien life form. He had no idea what to do. He ended up eye balling it best he could and didn’t charge me anything. I guess there isn’t much call for a uni truing stand, but you would think that the shops that sell them would be able to service them.

I was thinking that the removing the cranks and setting the bearings in a bearing cup, with a hinged cup on top that locks with a quick connect would be perfect. It would be nice if there was someone who sold something like this. I may end up making something myself and start doing my own wheels.

Yeh one thing I’ll add about what I did is that I took the cranks off…that’s a must.


Jagur just uses an old jug and paper arrows taped on a frame

I trued a friend’s Coker the other day and found that the thumbnail method is fine for Cokers at least because the wheel has so much momentum so you can spend a while making sure your thumb is sitting still before the wheel slows down. That’s the problem with truing my trials uni…the wheel doesn’t roll as easily.


I’d just take the cranks off and use an indicator afixed to the frame. The only weird part would be to get the dishing right, but even this seems pretty easy. Just find a flat surface, and when the wheel is true somehow find a way to block it up with the spindle perpendicular to and touching the surface, then measure the hight of the rim above the surface in three spots. If they aren’t even adjust the blocking until they are. Record the average distance, flip the wheel over and repeat the process. If all the measurements agree the wheel is properly dished.

Or you could use a custom dishing gage.