TRP Spyre First Generation Disc Brake Calipers

I have two complete sets of the first generation TRP Spyres. They are not the carbon version which was prone to failure.

This version of the Spyre is a couple millimeters narrower than the second generation brakes, which may be of interest to folks who have clearance issues with brakes.

There is an active recall on these brakes because of the carbon version failing. I highly doubt these brakes will fail, so I’m offering them up for sale, before sending them back; it was Killian’s idea :wink:

I am asking the same price as new ($89.99 per individual caliper), since the alternative to selling them is returning them for new brakes. They do not include levers, cables, or housing. They do include 160mm rotors. These brakes are used, but well cared for, no damage, pads are better than 50%.

I will cover your shipping since it would cost me shipping to return them to TRP.

I am not interested in making deals or trades, this is a cash only dealio.

For more info:

Will they come with the caliper adapters?

Yes, IS adaptors, mounting hardware, and 160mm rotors. I may have 180 rotors as an option, it depends what I have in my gear box.

Hey now.

This would be great for someone running a standard 160mm rotor that doesn’t want to mess with rotor shims. The original Spyre fit perfectly without any messing around, new ones require a 180mm rotor or shims. The failure rate was incredibly low (one the last time I looked) and was due to squeezing the lever with excessivly worn or no pads.

Spyres are the bomb. Someone should pick these up.

Yup, great brakes, I’d keep them but I want to get some more Spykes, so these are either going back or someone here can pick them up for running smaller rotors.

I heard from one person, but so far they are unclaimed. They go back next week :slight_smile: