Troubles with Schlumpf Shifter button


So last week I had my first flat with my schlumpf and went about replacing the tube and re-installing the shifter buttons. The gold button went on easily and I had no problems with it, but the sliver button would not loosen up enough to shift properly. Any suggestions? The problem that is occurring is when I shift to 1:1 it coasts instead of properly shifting down.

Just our of curiosity, why did you remove the shift buttons if you were just replacing the tube? As for the tight silver button, do you mean that you cannot loosen/remove the set screw? If the buttons are screwed on to the shift rods correctly, they should work as long as there is not a separate issue going on. “Coasting” in high gear is usually a result of the knurled bearing cap not being at the proper torque.

This is the first time I’ve heard of coasting in 1:1! But it actually sounds like the coasting is happening while you’re still in high gear, and you cannot fully engage back down to 1:1. Not sure if it is related to a loose bearing holder, or something else going on internally, but you might check that. Can you be more specific as to your button issue?

Sounds like your are stuck between gears
I have read about people losing a c clip which can lead to Things that shouldnt be moving, moving. Sorry that’s not a very useful description

This unfortunately doesn’t sound like a user serviceable problem

I think your hub wants a trip back to Switzerland

Did a little search
There’s some ideas on this thread which may help

So, generally this happens when you’ve screwed the silver button too far onto the shaft. Shift into high gear (gold button in), loosen the nylon lag bolt (the small one in the middle of the button), and use the special Schlumpf button-holder tool, or a pin spanner, to unscrew the silver button until there is a playing card’s width between the bottom of the button and the crank. Then tighten the lag bolt to hold the button in place.

The other possibility is that the crank is not properly installed. Make sure the crank is fully snug on the axle, and the crank bolt is fully screwed into the crank, very tightly (25 foot-pounds), and without any extra washer underneath the bolt. If the crank isn’t far enough onto the axle, or the bolt isn’t far enough into the crank, the button will not be able to work properly.

Thank you, I have tried am able to unscrew the the nylon lag bolt, though when I use the special Schlumpf tool to unscrew the silver button it just spins instead of unscrewing? I am sorry if this is not an good description, I am at a lack for terms. MuniAddict, I did not know better when I was uninstalling the parts I was uninstalling.

Are you able to completely remove the set screw that secures the button? If you can, remove that set screw and then the button should come out. If not, it may have gotten stripped by overtightening.

I believe it is good preventative maintenance to remove the shift buttons after about every other ride, to check the cranks and make sure they are not getting loose. I then reinstall the buttons and secure the set screws accordingly.

I am able to remove the set screw all the way. Are their not inner threads on the silver shifter button? I will give that a try. Thank you

Inner threads to unscrew? Or should it just pop out? When I try to unscrew it the whole shaft spins.

Yes, The shift buttons do thread onto the the shift rod, and then the set screw goes inside the outer hole of the button. If the shift rod is spinning, then that is not good! The only direction the rod should move is in and out. It sounds like you may need to have it repaired, and that means a trip to Switz for your hub.

So, if the set screw is loose, you should be able to hold the gold button with the Schlumpf tool and unscrew the silver button. If you’re not holding the gold button, rotating the silver button won’t accomplish anything.